Labor insurance shoe is a kind of foot safety protective shoes.

Labor insurance shoe is a kind of foot safety protective shoes. Our country usually classifies labor insurance shoes according to their protective performance. There are mainly anti-static shoes and conductive shoes, insulating shoes, anti-smashing shoes, anti-piercing safety shoes, anti-acid and alkali shoes, anti-oil shoes, anti-slip shoes, anti-piercing shoes, anti-cold shoes, waterproof shoes and other special shoes. What should we pay attention to when buying shoes for so many purposes?
Major simple items:
1. When choosing and purchasing, consumers should first confirm whether the manufacturer of the product has a national production license for industrial products (imported goods are not required) and a certificate of safety label certification. The most important factor to consider is the hazards that the wearer will face in the working environment. To meet the requirements of GB21146-2007 Personal Protective Equipment Professional Shoes, GB21147-2007 Personal Protective Equipment Protective Shoes, GB21148-2007 Personal Protective Equipment Safety Shoes, GB12011-2009 Electrical Insulation Shoes and GB/T20991-2007 Testing Method of Personal Protective Equipment Shoes, as well as related standards, and to the safety performance, electrical insulation performance and impact resistance of labor insurance shoes. Energy, anti-static performance, anti-piercing performance and standard for upper strength and other items are stipulated.